Napa Valley vineyard in spring

Spring in Napa Valley

Sunshine, Blooming Flowers, and Budding Vines

Spring is a colorful time of rejuvenation in Napa Valley

The vineyards start to awaken, wildflowers bloom, and the hillsides are a verdant green from the winter rains.

March, April, and May see fewer crowds than during the summer at the most popular wineries and restaurants.

It's the time to try some unforgettable outdoor adventures like hiking, bike tours, hot air balloon rides, and kayaking or paddleboarding on the Napa River.


Spring Weather in Napa Valley

In spring, Napa Valley enjoys mild and pleasant weather, with temperatures typically ranging from the mid-60s in March and gradually warming to mid-70s in May.

The Mediterranean climate of Napa Valley usually brings some rainfall in the winter and possibly into March. Though, usually the weather in spring is sunny and mild.

Insider Tip: Be sure to pack a jacket and an umbrella. Temperatures can vary greatly from daytime to evening, and early spring might see some rain.



67°F / 43°F


8 days



71°F / 45°F


4 days



76°F / 49°F


2 days


Spring Events
in Napa Valley


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What's Happening in the Vineyards in Spring?

In early spring, dormant vines awaken as new shoots emerge. This initial stage is called “bud break” when the buds on the vines begin to swell and eventually burst open, marking the start of a new growing season. After about a month, “flowering” occurs when tight bunches of flowers dot the vines – each can form a grape berry. The self-pollinating flowers drop their petals, and a tiny green grape emerges at the end of each stem, marking “fruit set” – the beginning of the grape development. This stage typically happens in late spring to early summer.


Napa Valley

What to Pack and Wear in Napa Valley

What to Pack and Wear in Napa Valley

So you've planned the ultimate Napa Valley vacation, now you need to figure out what to pack and how to prep for days filled with world-class wines, vineyard-view hikes, and farm-fresh cuisine. Here are a few travel tips and some ideas for what you should have in your suitcase, no matter the season.

Wine Tastings $50 and Under

Wine Tastings $50 and Under

Several Napa Valley wineries offer great wine tasting introductions for a relatively approachable price. We’ve pulled together a list of wineries, tasting rooms, and wine shops with tasting fees at $50 or under to help guide you on some affordable wine tasting options. While there are many reasons