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Napa Valley Mustard Season

Wild Mustard Season


Napa Valley vineyard rows with mustard in Winter


Here’s to the Season Between the Seasons

Every January to March, Napa Valley springs to life with an explosion of wild mustard blooms, carpeting rows of vineyards with bright yellow flowers and ushering in a new growing season.

Mustard season is one of the best-kept secrets in wine country!

Follow the map below for the very best mustard season photo spots and Instagrammable locations.


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Why do mustard flowers grow in Napa Valley? Biodiversity! Mustard is planted between vineyard rows as a cover crop to protect the soil and replenish it with nutrients, while also attracting beneficial insects, preventing erosion, and warding off grapevine pests.

Mustard Season Map


Use this handy map as a guide to find areas in Napa Valley where the mustard flowers typically bloom. Please remember, Mother Nature dictates this! Location and duration of blooms are not guaranteed, but have your cameras ready for those picture perfect opportunities!


Napa Valley Wild Mustard Season Map 2024


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Mustard Season FAQ

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Wild Mustard Season

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