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After you've been wined and dined, it's time to recline.

Napa Valley offers a variety of pampering packages, from half-day treatments to full-day spa circuits. Whether it's a facial or a mineral hot springs bath, your pursuit of luxurious excellence begins and ends here in the valley.

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Calistoga Mud & Mineral Baths

At the north end of the valley, in the town of Calistoga, high volcanic ash content and geothermal hot springs has generated a local specialty: therapeutic and rejuvenating mud baths and mineral pools.

Today, Calistoga is filled with mud-based spas and therapies, which range from the functional and funky to the luxurious.

Their mineral waters heat the mud baths, provide natural hot springs pools (with water temperatures between 85-90 degrees), and draw crowds to watch the forceful geysers, one of which still regularly erupts from subterranean pressures.