LGBTQ couple at The CIA at Copia

Napa Valley LGBTQ Travel Ideas

Napa Valley welcomes all LGBTQ+ family and friends

Every day is an opportunity to celebrate Napa Valley's diversity.

Napa Valley warmly welcomes LGBTQ+ travelers throughout the year!

In addition to near-perfect weather, Napa Valley offers some of the best spots to eat, hang out and have a glass of wine or beer, and enjoy concerts or the theater. Come to downtown Napa for the valley's lively entertainment scene.


Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month June 2024

Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month June 2024

While June is known as Pride Month, Napa Valley is proud to welcome LGBTQ+ travelers all year long. With a variety of events and attractions that cater to our LGBTQ+ guests and allies and, with Napa Valley’s picture-perfect weather, this…


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