Fall Vineyard row in Napa Valley

Fall in Napa Valley

Experience the Excitement of Napa Valley's Harvest Season

Fall is the time of harvest & glorious weather

Grape harvest usually starts in August, and by September and October, the crush parties, harvest dinners and events are in full swing.

Make your reservations in advance if you're visiting during September and October – it's the busiest time of year, with harvest events and beautiful weather.

November is a more relaxed time after the harvest parties end, but this is when the colors of autumn are on full display. Experience fewer crowds at the most popular wineries and restaurants.


Fall Weather in Napa Valley

Fall weather in Napa Valley is spectacular. High temperatures are in the mid-80s in September and fall into the mid-60s by November.

In September and October, daytime temperatures are warm to hot, and they drop after the sun sets. 

November sees cooler temperatures, and The Mediterranean climate means a winter rainy season, with rain possibly starting in November. 

Insider Tip: Be sure to pack layers. Temperatures can vary greatly from morning to daytime to evening.



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Fall Events
in Napa Valley


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What's Happening in the Vineyards in Autumn?

Harvest typically starts each year in August, with the grapes for sparkling and white wines, like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, being picked first. Red varieties, like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, are harvested later, continuing through October or even early November, allowing them to fully mature. The grapes are typically picked overnight before the sun rises. The winemakers and vineyard workers work tirelessly to harvest and process the fruit to be transformed into the world-renowned wines of Napa Valley.


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What to Pack and Wear in Napa Valley

What to Pack and Wear in Napa Valley

So you've planned the ultimate Napa Valley vacation, now you need to figure out what to pack and how to prep for days filled with world-class wines, vineyard-view hikes, and farm-fresh cuisine. Here are a few travel tips and some ideas for what you should have in your suitcase, no matter the season.

Wine Tastings $50 and Under

Wine Tastings $50 and Under

Several Napa Valley wineries offer great wine tasting introductions for a relatively approachable price. We’ve pulled together a list of wineries, tasting rooms, and wine shops with tasting fees at $50 or under to help guide you on some affordable wine tasting options. While there are many reasons