Napa Valley Vineyard in Summer

Seasons of Napa Valley


Enjoy Four Seasons of Wine, Events, and Scenic Beauty

Napa Valley is the perfect getaway location any time of the year

With mild weather year-round and a long warm season from spring to fall, Napa Valley is popular all year. Each season brings its own unique charm, from summer's lively music festivals to fall's picturesque grape harvests and winter's festive holiday celebrations.

Spring (March – May) brings a burst of vibrant colors and renewed energy to Napa Valley, awakening the vineyards with budding vines.

Summer (June – August) in Napa Valley means sun-drenched days, lush vineyards, fresh seasonal food, and grooving music festivals.

Fall (September – November) is a time of breathtaking beauty as Napa Valley vineyards transform into a tapestry of hues, and a time for celebration as the grapes are harvested.

Winter (December – February) becomes a serene retreat in Napa Valley, where stunning vineyard vistas transform against the backdrop of green rolling hills and vibrant yellow mustard flowers.