Best of Napa Valley with Katianna Hong & John Hong

Experience Napa Valley Like a Local


Katianna Hong & John Hong - Chefs, The Restaurant at Meadowood

Things heated up for culinary power couple Katianna Hong and John Hong while working at The Restaurant at Meadowood. As intense as their careers can be, they feel the Napa Valley provides a soothing antidote. "Things slow down a little bit here, it's a little quieter," says John. "We're in this mystical setting in the middle of Northern California." Inspiration often strikes them while hiking or browsing at local markets. A historic theater and spa are also among their go-to places to unwind.

5 Recommendations from Katianna Hong & John Hong


Health Spa Napa Valley

"It's a nice escape from the kitchen, and I like that Health Spa Napa Valley offers the option to exercise, swim, or get a massage," says Katianna Hong. "You can also lie out by the pool and order food and drinks from Pizzeria Tra Vigne," notes John Hong. "It feels very secluded because of the walled ivy."

Health Spa Napa Valley

Farmers Markets

"We sometimes swing by the markets in Napa and St. Helena to get additional produce and flowers to use," says John Hong. "A friend of ours, Ryan Harris, who used to be a cook at The Restaurant at Meadowood, has his own company now (Contimo Provisions), and he makes amazing breakfast biscuits and sandwiches," adds Katianna Hong. "They sell their food from the Miminashi window in the mornings – and then you can go back in the afternoon for some soft serve."

Farmers Markets in Napa Valley

Cameo Cinema

"It's one of the country's oldest running theaters," says Katianna Hong of Cameo Cinema, a fixture of Main Street in St. Helena. "You can bring your own bowl from home (any size), and they'll fill it with popcorn." John quips, "So, I just bring a garbage can or something of that nature."

Cameo Cinema in St Helena

Favorite Napa Valley Wineries

"Charles Krug Winery is special to us because we had our wedding there two years ago," says Katianna Hong. "Kat loves her California sparkling wine," John Hong chimes in. "We also tend to go off to some of the smaller vineyards like Spring Mountain." Katianna agrees, adding: "Another family vineyard we love is Tudal Winery, which has a really unique and relaxed setting."

Charles Krug Winery in Napa Valley

Bale Grist Mill

"We'll take a hike on the back roads at Bale Grist Mill," says John Hong, "we think it's really cool there. And sometimes we'll pick up some grains that we'll use for numerous dishes."

Bale Grist Mill