Hot Air Balloon and Napa Valley vineyard

Brand Guidelines


Brand Typefaces

The following fonts work together to reflect the laid-back luxury of the Napa Valley brand. These typefaces should be used by graphic designers and marketing professionals for brand and advertising communications.


Primary Fonts

Labor Union Small
Used for “VISIT” and Program descriptors (ie. WELCOME CENTER)

Brand Guidelines - Font Labor Union Small

Playfair Bold
Primary typeface for headlines

Brand Guidelines - Font Playfair Bold

Open Sans Bold
Subheadings or paragraph headers

Brand Guidelines - Font Open Sans Bold

Open Sans Regular
Body copy

Brand Guidelines - Font Open Sans Regular

Lovely Valley Custom Script
This custom script requires additional design work to build words and sentences. Its use is limited to the brand logo and the brand campaign. Any requests for additional use should be sent to for consideration.

Brand Guidelines - Font Custom Script


Typographic Hierarchy

This example demonstrates the basic hierarchy of standard sizes to use when setting type to ensure clear presentation of your information.

Please see below for basic hierarchy of type, including sizes, weights, and typical usage.

Brand Guidelines - Typographic Hierarchy