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Rooted in a storied agrarian history, the Napa Valley is a delightful anomaly, offering the perfect blend of world-class luxury and rustic charm. One might think these two defining qualities exist in opposition of one another, however the Napa Valley is a destination that successfully brings them together to create a tailored experience for every type of visitor.

Our identity embodies this dual nature that is at the same time both rustic and elegant. Refined lines consort with unstructured elements to create a look that is by design undeniable classic, yet understandably surprising. A wholly unique, hand-written font pairs perfectly with vine-inspired flourishes, signaling growth, while honoring the historic craft of wine.

It stylistically leans into the valley’s relaxing vibe and natural beauty that welcomes each visitor in, with an air of sophistication that is both carefree and genuine. A subtle nod to the valley at the bottom brings it all together, setting the stage for which visitors share, savor, and discover the Good Life in Napa Valley.

Visit Napa Valley logo


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There are two formats available for digital and print needs:

Digital (raster) format: Use the .png file for anything on a screen, such as web pages, social media, and display monitors.

Print (vector) format: Use the .eps file for anything where the logo will be printed onto a physical medium.

Logo Usage

Visit Napa Valley is the destination logo.

  • Visit Napa Valley ® with the registration mark – should be used on all print and digital collateral.
  • Visit Napa Valley without the registration mark – may be used on signage or wearables.

The Napa Valley only logo may be used on merchandise or select uses.

  • Napa Valley logo does not include the ® registration mark. 


Alternate Logo Colors

Brand Guidelines - Logo Primary Alternates


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