You haven’t experienced Napa Valley like a local until you’ve dug deep into our taco-obsessed roots. For most, thoughts of dining in Napa Valley conjures up visions of meticulously-plated Michelin-star masterpieces (and prices to match). While of course visitors to Napa Valley can enjoy world-renowned cuisine served up by famous chefs in many restaurants, the bounty of fresh produce in Napa Valley also lends itself to more modest culinary delights – take the taco, for instance. 

From neighborhood food trucks to strip-mall taquerias (and yes, there are also a couple of Michelin-rated taco joints – it is Napa Valley), we present the Napa Valley Taco Trail. Can you hit them all?


  1. La Gitana Taco TruckMap
    1102 Tubbs Ln.

  2. Pacifico Restaurante MexicanoMap
    1237 Lincoln Ave.

St. Helena

  1. Villa CoronaMap
    1138 Main St.

  2. Azteca Market & TaqueriaMap
    789 Main St.

  3. La Luna Market and TaqueriaMap
    1153 Rutherford Rd.


  1. Tacos GarciaMap
    6272 Washington St.

  2. La CalendaMap
    6518 Washington St.


  1. Mothers Tacos Map
    3150 Jefferson St.

  2. Taco Addiction Map
    835 Lincoln Ave.

  3. Tacos La EsperanzaMap
    1551 Soscol Ave.

  4. C Casa TaqueriaMap
    610 1st St. #24 (Oxbow Public Market)

  5. Tacos Chavez (open evenings only) — Map
    75 Coombs St.

  6. La Cheve Bakery & BrewsMap
    376 Soscol Ave.

American Canyon

  1. Tacos MichoacanMap
    3945 Broadway

  2. Dos BotellasMap
    3427 Broadway