Summer sunset in Napa Valley vineyard

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Napa Valley Ale Trail

There's a saying in Napa Valley that “It takes a lot of great beer to make great wine.” So it's not uncommon to find winemakers in Napa Valley sharing a cold beer with friends or colleagues after a long day of work in the vineyards and wineries. Fortunately, the growing beer scene in Napa Valley…

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Best Brunch Spots in Napa Valley

Nothing says vacation quite like a leisurely brunch. If your plans for the day ahead include wine tasting, brunch is a perfect way to fuel up before you start sipping. Napa Valley is home to more than 150 restaurants and cafés, so choosing the perfect brunch spot can be a bit overwhelming. Here, are…

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The Napa Valley Taco Trail

You haven’t experienced Napa Valley like a local until you’ve dug deep into our taco-obsessed roots. For most, thoughts of dining in Napa Valley conjures up visions of meticulously-plated Michelin-star masterpieces (and prices to match). While of course visitors to Napa Valley can enjoy…

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