After months of online and to-go orders, Heritage Eats is finally seeing a return of dine-in and in-store visits. The restaurant looks forward to safely welcoming visitors back in person and hopes to re-enter the catering and events business as Napa Valley fully reopens. 

Q: How has the pandemic changed your organization?

The pandemic changed how we interact and serve our guests. Prior to the pandemic, there was a major emphasis on dine-in and more in-store experiences. During the pandemic and now after, we are still seeing a huge shift to online ordering but that is starting to wane.

Q: What is your business most looking forward to as the immediate impacts of the pandemic begin to subside?

We are looking forward to seeing more families and locals in the store! We got into the business because we loved the hospitality angle and making connections with our community. We seek to build those memories again. 

Q: What lessons do you hope stick around as we go back to “normal”?

The emphasis on local businesses. The pandemic showed how fragile local economies are and why it is important to support local when you can. 

Q: What does Heritage Eats' comeback look like?

We hope to get back into the catering and events scene as things open back up! We provide a variety of catering options that can be offered outside of the store and we hope folks will think of us for these events. Catering and events are very helpful to our business. 

Q: Is there anything you'd like visitors to know about Heritage Eats and/or Napa Valley?

Napa Valley is home to a wealth of friendly makers and creatives - a top-see spot in Northern California!


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