While it’s true that in wine country, days begin and wind down a little earlier, there are wine tasting and dining options that remain open just a bit longer than expected.

Contrary to common conceptions, there are Napa Valley wineries which remain open after 5pm! Some even offer sunset tastings or special happy hour events on Fridays. And, the urban tasting rooms (those located in the heart of downtown areas) are often open even a little later than traditional wineries, offering the opportunity to explore a tasting of wine before heading to dinner.

While not uncommon to plan for an early dinner that follows an afternoon tasting, it’s also not uncommon that some folks prefer a bit of down time between a wine tasting and a meal, while others might find themselves arriving into town just a bit later in the day and are looking forward to an outstanding meal. In any case, Napa Valley definitely offers late-night eats, too.

Top off a perfect day in Napa Valley with a few amazing late-night bites and sips. Here's what's open late in Napa Valley:


Bars & Cocktail Lounges Open Late

If your mantra is “the night is young!” or you’re looking for a post-dinner nightcap, here are the bars and cocktail lounges open after 9pm:

Restaurants Open Late

For those looking to freshen up before dinner or are accustomed to later dining, here are the restaurants and dining spots open after 9pm on the weekends:

Wine Tastings Open Late

Whether you had a late afternoon arrival to Napa Valley or are looking for a pre-dinner wine tasting, here are the wineries and wine tasting rooms open after 6pm:

Enjoy your time in Napa Valley to the fullest and on your schedule. Maybe your idea of a perfect day is to wine and dine in time to lounge in your comfy room by 8pm. Or, perhaps, you are just getting ready to go out on the town at 8pm, there are definitely options. So, explore Napa Valley and seize the day (and night)!