Treat yourself this season with twelve gift-wrapped ways to experience the Napa Valley.

1. Wrap up something nice. New shops have been opening up left and right in the valley. It’s not too late to find that perfect gift!

2. Stamp your passport. Looking to check off a handful of wineries without breaking the bank? Look no further, Calistoga, St. Helena and Napa all have tasting passes to make it easy.

3. Switch libations. The Napa Valley is gaining traction for its growing number of artisanal breweries with an excellent selection of IPAs, pilsners, wheats, and ambers.

4. Cook up something new. You’ve come to the Napa Valley for its reputation as a food and wine destination – why not learn a few new cooking skills while you’re here?

5. Find some altitude. There’s probably no more spectacular way to see the area than from the basket of a hot-air balloon, quietly floating high above the valley floor.

6. Curl up by the fire. Though our winters are milder than in many places, we still love to cuddle by a fire when there’s a chill in the air (for us, that’s anywhere south of 60 degrees). 

7. Dine like a local. Give the kitchen a break and explore fantastic restaurants throughout the valley during Restaurant Week, January 26-February, 2020.

8. Take a hike. There are tons of great hiking trails in the valley, many of them with spectacular views. Pack a lunch and head out.

9. Get down and dirty. Calistoga is one of the few places in the world where you can experience a mud bath – not only “something to write home about” but also full of health benefits.

10. Enjoy the colors. Winter is a perfect time to take a drive or ride a bike and see the valley’s vibrant green hills and rows of brilliant yellow mustard flowers between the vines.

11. Take in a show (or exhibition). From gallery openings to symphonies to historic exhibitions, Napa Valley is home to some incredibly creative endeavors.

12. Party like it's 2020! When the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31, what better way to enjoy a sparkling start to the New Year than in the Napa Valley?

Cheers to a Happy Holiday Season!