Verve Napa Valley

Verve Napa Valley offers a course called "Legends of Sabrage" — Learn to WOW at your next dinner party or holiday gathering! We offer instruction on the Art of Sabrage, including a demonstration and hands-on instruction. Learn tricks of the trade, exclusive Wine Country Knowledge, safety precautions, and other key guidelines to become a Sabrage pro!

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About Verve: VERVE is an energy — a buzz. Our 20+ years of knowledge and access to the premier Napa Valley lifestyle is your one-stop resource for all things Wine Country. What makes Verve different from the other tour companies? With us, you'll explore Wine Country as you never have before with one-of-a-kind itineraries specifically customized to your interests and specifications. Whether you are planning a day of tasting, a business retreat, an epic celebration, or a week to just get away from it all, Verve will indulge you with an authentic and memorable Napa Valley experience.

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