Visit Napa Valley
Visit Napa Valley

Napa Valley Land Trust

The Land Trust’s activities and events allows our members and the greater North Bay community to experience first-hand the importance of permanently protecting farmland, water resources, vistas, recreational areas, and wildlife corridors in Napa County.  We have selected unique properties that exemplify these treasured areas. We hope you enjoy the many hikes, educational walks, kayaking and celebratory experiences!  
Land Trust of Napa County is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to preserving the character of Napa by permanently protecting land.  Established in 1976 by seven founding members, today the Land Trust has 1,700 active members and supporters.   In our 36-year history, we’ve completed over 150 projects, protecting more than 53,000 acres of land – 10% of Napa County.

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