Visit Napa Valley
Visit Napa Valley

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Imagine walking into a tasting room and finding the wine of your dreams, only to be told you can’t have it. That’s been a reality for international tourists here in Napa Valley as they are introduced to world class wines that they want to ship back home, only to find that the winery can only sell them a bottle or two to put in their suitcases because they have no solution for international DTC shipping.

Transportation, duties and taxes, import forms, export forms, customs agencies, translations, etc… it’s all scary stuff and is a real challenge for any winery who attempts to tackle these issues alone. But we at Gliding Eagle have partnered with all relevant agencies for 24 countries and are happy to take care of all of this for one flat fee per bottle.

By accessing our growing list of winery partners, you can plan your trip in Napa knowing that when you visit any of our winery partners, they are prepared to help you purchase the wines you love with Gliding Eagle taking care of everything from winery door to your front door.

Please go here for a list of supported countries:

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