Traveling for work can be exhausting. Between early morning flights, time zone changes, and late nights wading through an overflowing inbox, a business trip can take it all out of you. Enter the bleisure trip: one part business, one part leisure- it’s gaining popularity, and in our opinion, it’s the only way to travel.

Bleisure, or the combining of business and leisure travel, continues to be a growing part of business travel as working travelers are increasingly adding an extra day or two onto a work trip to sightsee and experience the destination outside of a conference room.  Here are the top reasons why all your business trips to the Napa Valley should be bleisure trips:

It saves you time and money. The employer is already footing the bill for your flight, so a large part of travel costs are removed from the equation. Further, you’re already here, which means you won’t waste an extra PTO day traipsing through airports to arrive at your vacation destination.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Even if you might not have the time to splurge on a week-long getaway, you can maximize work travel for personal enjoyment by adding an extra day or more onto your business trip. Friends and family can even tag along, which means you’ll have the opportunity to create memories and spend your after-work hours exploring the Napa Valley with your loved ones instead of alone in a hotel bar.  

You’ll return to the office rejuvenated. Instead of catching the red-eye home to get right back to work the next day, you can take some time to explore the culture, enjoy the scenery, and experience some of the offerings that make Napa Valley a must-do destination.

You can’t miss out on Napa Valley. With over 400 wineries, world-class cuisine, and breathtaking scenery around every corner, you simply must treat yourself to the Napa Valley experience If you’re traveling here for business.

Now that we've convinced you to stick around a while, here's a handy checklist to make sure you have everything covered for your next Napa Valley bleisure trip!

  • Have you given your boss and teammates a heads up that you’re adding personal time to your business trip?
  • Are there any weekends and/or public holidays close to your travel date?
  • Can you utilize a few paid holidays to extend your stay?
  • Are there any particular wineries or restaurants that you want to visit?
  • Can you bring your partner and do you have friends living near Napa Valley to connect with?
  • Are there any Napa Valley tours, museums, or outdoor activities that you'd like to work into your itinerary?
  • How much of your savings on flight costs do you want to add your travel budget?