Summer sunset in Napa Valley vineyard

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Thankful Napa Valley

With the 2022 vintage tucked away in barrels, concrete eggs, and stainless steel tanks, and seasonal produce filling the farmers’ markets and restaurant kitchens preparing to welcome guests for a feast, we approach the Thanksgiving holiday with a deep sense of gratitude for another bountiful harvest…

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Thanksgiving in Napa Valley 2022

Napa Valley is a hot spot for top notch cuisine that’s grown and sourced locally and Thanksgiving is the valley’s time to shine. Paired with the stunning fall scenery and world-class hospitality, it’s the perfect destination to celebrate this treasured American holiday. Napa Valley is the perfect…

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Wine 101: Red or White Wine

You find yourself at a dinner party and the host asks what you prefer to drink, red wine or white wine. In the wide world of wine, while that question is super general, there are certainly some intrinsic basic principles associated with each type. And, while there is no wrong answer, the differences…

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Why Join a Wine Club?

Wine Clubs. Maybe you’ve heard about them, but never given it much thought. Or possibly, the term is new to you. What is a wine club? Why do wine clubs exist? And why should you consider joining a wine club at a Napa Valley winery? We’ve got answers! What is a Wine Club? Many, if not most, wineries…

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