Summer sunset in Napa Valley vineyard

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Best Mountain-Biking Parks in the Napa Valley

If terms like “chunk,” “grunt,” and “lung-buster” are part of your vocabulary, you’re probably a mountain-biker. And although the Napa Valley is best known for its vineyard-covered valley floor, it’s…

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Top Five Nightlife Spots in Napa

When it comes to relatively rural Napa Valley, the town of Napa is considered the “big city” – so it’s no surprise that the area’s best nightlife can be found here. Whether you’re looking for some…

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Napa Valley Happy Hour: Downtown Napa

We recently wrote about best happy hours in up-valley restaurants, but there are plenty to enjoy without leaving downtown Napa. Grab a cocktail, a brew, or a glass of wine and before you know it…

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