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Wine Bottle Sizes and Facts


Wine Bottle Sizes

Wine bottle, barrel, case sizes graphic

Split — 187mL - used for a single serving

Half or Demi — 375mL - one-half of a standard 750ml size

Standard Bottle — 750mL - common bottle size

Magnum — 1.5L - equivalent to two standard bottles

Double Magnum — 3L - equivalent to four standard bottles or two magnums

Jereboam — 4.5L - equivalent to six standard bottles

Imperial — 6L - equivalent to eight standard bottles or two double magnums

Salmanazar — 9L - equivalent to twelve standard bottles or one full case of wine

Balthazar — 12L - equivalent to sixteen standard bottles or two imperials

Nebuchadnezzar — 15L - equivalent to twenty standard bottles

Case — 12 standard bottles or a 9L bottle

Standard Barrel — about 25 cases or 300 bottles


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many grapes are in a bottle of wine?

A: It takes about six to eight clusters, or approximately 600 to 800 wine grapes (2.4 lbs), to make a bottle of wine.

Q: How much wine is there in one wine barrel?

A: One barrel of wine contains 740 lbs of grapes, equivalent to 59 gallons or 24.6 cases of wine.

Q: How many bubbles are in a bottle of sparkling wine?

A: It is theorized there are approximately 44 million bubbles in a bottle of sparkling wine.

Q: How many calories in one glass of wine?

A: Wine is fat free and contains no cholesterol. A 4-ounce glass of table wine has about 80-100 calories.

Q: How much wine is consumed in the United States each year?

A: An annual average of 892 million gallons of wine is consumed in the United States.

Q: How much wine in the United States is made in California?

A: 90% of the wine made in the United States comes from California.