Outdoor seating at a Napa Valley Restaurant

Napa Valley

You're invited to the haven for heavenly food

Napa Valley restaurants have been cooking up something just for you, pairing thoughtful health and safety procedures with the Napa Valley hospitality you know and love.

As we welcome you back to experience our world-class cuisine, know that we’ve been working hard to provide a world-class experience to match.

From Michelin star fare and Terroir to Table® perfection to custom burgers and fantastic food trucks, enjoy locally sourced cuisine outside in almost perfect weather or within a variety of creatively themed restaurants — and order a side of wine, too.

Take a look at the directory below to find the right culinary adventure for your getaway.

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Napa Valley is a veritable foodie paradise where Michelin star meals meet farm-to-table perfection. We try a new restaurant each time we come back to visit.

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Explore Napa Valley Dining

Michelin Rated Restaurants

A hallmark of fine-dining quality, the prestigious Michelin stars have found homes in several of our restaurants. The food here is inspired, progressive, and absolutely delicious.

Coffee Shops, Bakeries & Sweets

Coffee shops, bakeries, cafés, takeaway, chocolatiers, and ice cream shops are neighbors to many of your favorite hotels and tasting rooms.

Al Fresco Dining

Pining for some California sun while you dine? Napa Valley hosts a Mediterranean climate nearly all year long, making outdoor dining a perfect option.