Napa Valley Bike Map

The Napa Valley, with its varied terrain, beautiful scenery and mild weather, is an ideal place to bicycle for transportation and recreation. Residents and visitors alike can use our new bike map to ride to their destinations with ease.

Many lodging facilities in the Napa Valley have bicycle rentals, and there are several bicycle rental companies that deliver to the smaller accommodations.


Napa Valley Vine Trail

The Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition is a grass-roots nonprofit with a vision to build a walking/biking trail system connecting the entire Napa Valley. A coalition of community groups is working to design, fund, construct, and maintain 47 safe and scenic miles of level, paved, family-friendly, free-access class 1 trail, stretching from the Vallejo ferry to Calistoga. Donate here


Click the map to view or download a free PDF version of our Napa County Bike Map. You may also pick up a copy from any of the Napa Valley Welcome Centers with a voluntary donation to the Napa Valley Vine Trail.

Please note that this is a large file and may take a few minutes to download.


Napa Valley Bike Map