Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant at The Culinary Institute of America

Unique is the word that perfectly describes a group event at the Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant. There’s the customized, memento menus for each guest. And there’s the special synthesis between our party planner Peter Triolio, Executive Chef Almir DaFonseca, and Sommelier Traci Dutton in working with each host to tailor a meal that perfectly fits the occasion—reflecting the season, the celebration, and the tastes of each client.
“Because our dining spaces are always active with chefs at work in view of diners, a party in our restaurant feels like bringing guests into your home, in a big, open kitchen with family friends—cooking, eating, and sipping on wine, enjoying one another while doing things you love to do,” says Dutton. “Each group comes with its own energy and because they are fully a part of the main dining room and terrace, these two dynamics play very well off each other.” In other words, there’s no stark, separate, “banquet” room to dampen the celebratory mood.
Your guests are made welcome with everything at the ready: personalized menus set at each place setting, wine available, something to nibble on and tease the waiting appetite. Your party becomes part of the extended Greystone experience, learning something new about food and wine from our staff and students, taking away with them the spirit of enthusiasm and education that is the hallmark of the CIA.

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