Visit Napa Valley
Visit Napa Valley

Tuk-Tuk Tours with Laces and Limos

Get Tuk'd away on a wine country adventure, reaching new heights with unbelievable views, Laces and Limos has a tour experience for everyone.

Choose a tour package, ranging from a classic tour to a robust custom journey through the vineyards and beyond! This is a truly unique and memorable, never been done before, Napa Valley experience!

Vehicles are 3-wheeled, electric Tuk-tuks, think modern day version of the rickshaw that also happen to be 100% electric. Each Tuk-tuk can carry you and up to five of your friends (plus the driver), keeping you all plenty cozy with heated seats and a waterproof hood.

Advanced recommendations are recommended, please see website for further details and tour schedule.

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