Napa Driving Services

Come spend the day with Designated Dennis!
A licensed Wine Tour Driver with 15 years' in wine related occupations, a 50 plus year resident of Napa and a Wine Aficionado. If you drove your car or a rental car to Napa let's use it. I will drive to your hotel or lodging establishment and drive the car you provide. That means you pay half of what the car companies charge. I can follow your itinerary or plan an amazing day of wine tasting for you. I can go pick up lunch while you relax at a winery. I specialize in groups of eight or less because I want to be more than just a driver for you. I will be your own personal concierge. If you need it or want it I will get it.
Why is my service better than using a rideshare App? There is no waiting and my priorities are your safety and enjoyment not hurrying to drop you off so I can get another rider. Ask about our midweek and low season specials.

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