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Grape Escape - Escape Rooms

The Grape Escape - Napa's first real life adventure game. Think of an Escape Room as a brief escape from reality where you will be put into an interactive space where you have a chance to be a hero, solve a mystery, perhaps even save the world. You and your group will be put into a different reality, place, and time for an hour and will have to work together to crack the codes and complete the Mission! There will be puzzles and tasks but we can guarantee there will be fun, often accompanied with laughter, cheers, and high fives!

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Choose your escape adventure today!

Our amazing luxurious steam punk vessel named after its benefactor “The Kraken”.

Come see and be marveled by the mystery of the circus world.

A group of terrorist scientists have infiltrated a CDC secret labratory and created a VIRUS.

We host parties for all ages! Whether your group is defeating zombies in X-Cape Z-51, averting another apocalypse in the Kracken Casino, or solving the mysteries of the Circus room, your guests talking for weeks about how cool your party was!

Birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, anniversaries, retirement parties, or another special occasion, we have you covered. Let the Grape Escape help you make your party GRAPE!

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Escape rooms are immersive adventure games. Players are locked inside a room and tasked with decoding the room’s secrets within a set amount of time. Once the team completes the challenge or reaches the end of the time limit, they are set free from the room. Each themed room immerses the team into the storyline and adds a sense of realism to the experience. Our themes include saving the circus, a steampunk casino, and preventing the zombie apocalypse.

Escape rooms bring employees together outside of the work environment so they can get to know each other better, build the team and relationships, and bond in a new fun way. Companies rent out escape rooms so their employees can work together to solve the room’s mysteries. Management, non-management, mixed groups, or employees and their families benefit from team building activities.

Escape rooms make great relational experiences. All players must work together to unlock and solve the room. Effective communication is key for the success of all businesses and is also a must for escape room participants. As your group works through the room finding clues and puzzles they must communicate with each other to put all of the pieces together to achieve success.