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The Visit Napa Valley Academy is a series of focused workshops designed to educate and train visitor-serving businesses to improve their professional skills, exclusive to VNV partners.

Upcoming Events


Social Media

May 2020 — Instagram deep dive on best practices, engagement, and management

More details coming soon


Napa Valley 101

July 2020 — Educate front-line staff to be Napa Valley tourism ambassadors

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Media Relations

November 2020 — What works (what doesn't), tips for hosting journalists or influencers

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Past Events


Direct Sales

March 4, 2020 — Selling in a Client-Centric Environment – Level 1
March 5, 2020 — Selling Dynamically – Hotels only – Level 2 (must complete Level 1)

Level 1 – Selling in a Client-Centric Environment

Audience: All visitor-serving businesses that want to increase sales branding and impact as a collective market.

Topics to include:

  • Client-Centric Environment - Building a foundation that supports and upholds that the client is the focus and we are identifying their needs and wants.
  • Brass Tacks - Expansion of core skills that are needed throughout the sales progression. By practicing basics, honing these skills, and becoming an expert in these areas, individuals will increase their conversions, resulting in innate skills used for every sales conversation. How to use social media to increase your funnel.
  • The Sales Process Progression - We identify the progression from the opening of the sales call to closing including the critical aspect of qualifying the client/business. We will introduce you to the CCW process endorsed by planners and buyers globally. We will discuss the differences between concluding and closing and the art of discussing price as well as smarter ways to negotiate.
  • Now…Real Life - We will discuss real-life challenges and how to use these new tools to positively overcome these obstacles and close the deal.
  • Communication – Effective verbal and written communication incorporating the Visit Napa Valley branding.
  • Personal Branding – Understanding that your Personal Brand is your key differentiator in the market and how to define your Personal Brand Promise.

Level 2 – Selling Dynamically

Requirements: must register and complete Level 1

Audience: Hotels only – sales resources to impact the closure of group leads.

Topics to include:

  • Level 1 Refresh - Ensure that all attendees have mastered the "A-Ha" Moments for Level 1.
  • Building Your Social Network and Sales Funnel - Building the community of social networks with a focus on LinkedIn and how to use it to cultivate leads and potential accounts.
  • Account Deep Dive and the Power of Knowledge - Strategic work on accounts with SMART Goals, values of an account and determining actions for that account.
  • Next Level Negotiation - New skills that put the account owner in the driver’s seat during the negotiation process. Every dollar counts!
  • Value Proposition - Every hotel, every market, and every segment are different, and all sales managers need to be able to articulate the value and differentiation.
  • Personal Brand Promise to Brand Voice - Bringing your personal brand into your thoughts, actions, and words.