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Visit Napa Valley

Restaurant Week

Napa Valley Restaurant Week

January 26 - February 1, 2020


  • Encourage leisure travelers to come to the Napa Valley and explore a variety of restaurants, and their exceptional Napa Valley wines, while staying overnight
  • Invite Napa County residents with special price menus at local restaurants
  • Provide partner benefits to restaurants, wineries, lodging and other visitor serving businesses
  • Show the local community the positive personal benefits received through tourism

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Visit Napa Valley understands the incredible value of culinary tourism and its impact on destinations. That's why we participate in the larger campaign of Visit California's Restaurant Month, and why we make an integrated promotional effort highlighting your restaurant, including:

  • Dedicated content on
  • Targeted PR outreach to national and regional media
  • Extensive social media efforts through VNV's channels and digital influencers
  • A Restaurant Week Toolkit to assist you in your efforts to promote and manage your Restaurant Week event


Industry Details

Participating Napa Valley restaurants can offer a fixed price menu for lunch and/or dinner. The menu price you select should show value to the customer compared to your regular menu items: The menu prices are as follows:

Lunch - $20 or $30 for minimum of 2 courses
Dinner - $38 or $48 for minimum of 3 courses

In addition to your menu, a Napa Valley wine component is encouraged (at an additional cost). This could be a wine pairing with your menu, a wine happy hour with a member of the winery at the restaurant, or a special magnum or library wine pour for each guest.



Any visitor serving business is welcome and encouraged to participate in Restaurant Week. This will help us stand out from other Restaurant Week regions and help you get attention in our ongoing PR campaign.

Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

  • Lodging properties can offer a “Stay & Dine” package that includes a dinner credit with a reserved room night
  • Host a book signing event with a local chef
  • Wineries can feature a unique one-week-only food and wine pairing
  • Host a one-night special event with a chef/winemaker, sommelier, or guest winery chef




Napa Valley Restaurant Week Toolkit

Here are a number of resources to help your restaurant or business promote Napa Valley Restaurant Week on your own website and social channels.

Please check the details of your listing on our Restaurant Week landing page. If you’d like to make any changes or add further menu details, please feel free to email anytime.


Social Media Sample Posts


  • ​​"Discover @TheNapaValley during Restaurant Week, Jan. 26 to Feb. 1, we have a $38 dinner special you can't miss! #NapaEats #VisitNapaValley"
  • "Napa Valley Restaurant Week is the perfect time for some amazing #NapaEats, join us Jan. 26 to Feb. 1 for a special 2-course lunch on our patio! #VisitNapaValley"

  • ​​"Jan. 26 to Feb. 1 is Restaurant Week in the Napa Valley, we have a $38 dinner special you can't miss! #NapaEats #VisitNapaValley"
  • "Join us Jan. 26 to Feb. 1 for Napa Valley Restaurant Week and take advantage of our special offer! #NapaEats #VisitNapaValley"

Get Your Staff on Board

​​Here are tips to make sure your staff is well aware of Restaurant Week:

  • Educate your staff about Restaurant Week well in advance and continue to discuss it as it approaches.​​
  • ​​Make any necessary schedule adjustments to manage an influx of traffic.
  • ​​Track restaurant week covers using a dedicated button on POS system.
  • ​​Remind staff that Restaurant Week diners should be treated equally, not "less than" for ordering a special menu. If anything, they should receive extra attention because they could be your new regulars.
  • ​​Staff's attitudes towards Restaurant Week can make-or-break a customer's experience of your restaurant. They should focus on the opportunity to turn first-timers into regulars so they can earn more in the long-run.
  • ​​Encourage add-ons/upgrades to restaurant week menus including wine or beer flights, etc.
  • Acknowledge your staff for their hard work during this busy period. Incentives and "thank yous" go a long way to keep spirits high.​​