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Visit Napa Valley Group Sales Toolkit

Helping bring group business to the Napa Valley

Visit Napa Valley engages in a variety of direct sales efforts designed to reach the meeting planner audience. These pursuits are designed to educate and inspire planners to host their events in the Napa Valley.

The following materials help tell the Napa Valley Meetings story:

Platform: The Signature Blend

Meetings in the Napa Valley surely have a flavor all their own. Authentically collaborative and distinctively creative, meetings and conferences here have the option of occupying countless unique venues, a variety of hotels, impeccable open spaces, beautiful wineries and incredible restaurants, all offering the perfect blend of inspiration and functionality.

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Things to remember:

  • Posts are best with a photo, and they don't always have to be our advertising images. In fact, LinkedIn is pretty casual in their (unofficial) photo standards, there are a lot of group pics showing teams just having fun.
  • Most conferences, summits, etc. have their own hashtags (IMEX, for example). Use them in posts during the event to connect with colleagues at the event and boost visibility.
  • Post booth location with a photo encouraging those at the event to stop by (use the hashtag). Tag partners (or partner DMOs) if you brought them along.
    • DMO partners:
      • SF Travel: @SanFranciscoTravel | #MeetInSF
      • Visit CA: @VisitCalifornia | #VisitCalifornia

Sample messages at a trade show:

  • Stop by the @VisitNapaValley booth (#123) at #IMEX18 and find out how meetings in the valley have a flavor all their own - bringing creativity, inspiration and innovation together so you can #CrushThatMeeting. #VisitNapaValley
  • Stop by the @VisitNapaValley booth (#123) at #IMEX18 along with @Partner, @Partner and @Partner and let us show you how to #CrushThatMeeting in the Napa Valley. #VisitNapaValley

Sample messages at a sales mission:

  • Collaboration has never been so delicious! @VisitNapaValley is learning the art of making a perfect charcuterie board @Venue while sharing ideas for creative team-building activities in the Napa Valley. Let us help you #CrushThatMeeting #VisitNapaValley
  • @VisitNapaValley is in Location with @Partner, @Partner and @Partner treating meeting planners to much needed pedicures and brainstorming our countless venues to help them #CrushThatMeeting. #VisitNapaValley

Sample message on FAMs:

  • The @VisitNapaValley team is out and about with @Company discovering new ways to #CrushThatMeeting. #VisitNapaValley

Ongoing LinkedIn posting tips:

  • Regularly share content from the VNV Meeting section on the website. Usually there is a good tagline you can simply copy and paste. For example, Because "I'm headed to Napa Valley on business" has such a nice ring to it, with this link:
  • You could feature a weekly/monthly 'spotlight venue.' Include a photo with a link and a quick sentence on why someone should host a meeting there.
  • Share articles relevant to your audience — tips for organizing a great meeting, etc. Here is a shortcut to our Meeting Blog section. If you have topics you'd like covered, let the marketing team know!
  • Have fun once in awhile! Show the sales team cooperating and having fun on the job while out in Napa Valley.

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Imagery Resources


Copy Blocks

50-Word Format:

Beyond our unique venues, world-class wineries, Michelin star restaurants, 5,000 guest rooms and 200+ days of sunshine, you'll discover that it's the spirit of collaboration that gives meetings in the Napa Valley a flavor all their own. Here, creativity, inspiration and innovation come together so you can crush that meeting.


100-Word Format:

While the heart of the Napa Valley may be found in a glass, its soul is revealed through its spirit of collaboration. From its humble beginnings when early winemakers redefined what a winery could be, to today our local growers unwavering belief in sharing agricultural innovations, this spirit can be experienced in every corner of this valley; and is what ultimately gives meetings here a flavor all their own. With abundant resorts, historic landmarks, rolling vineyards and nearly 500,000 sq ft of available meeting space, we provide guests with the canvas, and spirit, to create legendary meetings.


Long Format:

While the heart of the Napa Valley may be found in a glass, its soul is revealed through its spirit of collaboration. A spirit that is defined by equal parts authenticity and creativity. From winemaking's humble beginnings, to when legendary winemaker Robert Mondavi redefined what a modern-day winery could be, to our local growers, continuing the unwavering belief in sharing agricultural innovations, the spirit of authentic collaboration is weaved through the valley's storied history, and can be experienced in every corner. 

Beyond our countless unique venues, world-class wineries, 10 Michelin stars, 5,000 guest rooms and 200+ days of sunshine, you'll discover that it's this spirit of collaboration that gives meetings in the Napa Valley a flavor all their own. As guests, we hope it inspires you to create breakout sessions that don't simply focus on growing profit margins, but growing as a team, in the same way Robert Mondavi financially backed competing wineries to transform the Napa Valley into a legendary wine region. We hope it encourages a culture of cooperation within your organization, much in the same way our local grape growers rely on one another's expertise to ensure a successful harvest for the entire region. And we hope it creates a culture of innovation, similarly to the way wine making breakthroughs such as cold fermentation were not only pioneered in the Napa Valley, but then also shared amongst all our wineries for the benefit of all who call the Napa Valley home. 

But it doesn't end there. In continuing with this spirit of collaboration, as a completely complimentary service, Visit Napa Valley staff is available to provide guidance on everything you need to make your visit a success. We can create itineraries for your visit and assist with lead sourcing, site inspection tours, and transportation options. We can even offer ideas for creative team-building activities. Our team knows every corner of the Napa Valley and its history, and we're here to share our unbiased insights and insider secrets. 

And of course, whether it's your desire to convene your team in a posh resort or historic landmark, to work amongst the rolling vineyards or storied wine caves or even dream up grand plans in gorgeous gardens or vintage barrel rooms, you can rest assured that the Napa Valley has the venues, square footage and incredible locations to help you crush that meeting.