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Visit Napa Valley

Lucy Liu: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Napa Valley Museum Yountville

February 1 - September 27, 2020
Upcoming dates: September 27

The virtual tour is live!

Walk through the gallery as if you were there in person. Click on artworks and video to see the works up close and learn about Lucy’s artistic process and inspiration. Don’t miss the video Title Wall with a message from Lucy!

A donation of any amount ($5 minimum suggested)* will unlock the tour – please help the Museum reopen its galleries and welcome visitors back to this extraordinary exhibition.


Napa Valley Museum Yountville announces the opening of the first U.S. museum exhibition of artwork by Lucy Liu, the Artist, Actress and Advocate. Lucy Liu  is an accomplished artist whose work was recently exhibited at the National Museum of Singapore, Liu has created an impressive collection of deeply personal artworks, ranging from large-scale paintings to inventive mixed media works to intricate wood sculptures.

This exhibition “Lucy Liu: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others,” focuses on her wood sculptures and on oversized paintings inspired by Shunga, a form of erotic art based on the “ukiyo-e” or Japanese woodblock. It also features representative works from her “Totem” series including “41”, in which intricate embroidered “spines” are paired with bold designs fashioned from fabric, paper and thread. Also on display will be an example of her silkscreens, and artworks from the “Lost & Found” series, in which found objects are incorporated into books which become works of art themselves.

The exhibition will feature video of the creation of her silkscreens and found object series, and other video and audio illustrating her influences and creative processes. It will also incorporate an example of traditional Japanese Shunga hand scroll, provided by San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum.

Due to adult subject matter, the Museum recommends that visitors under age 18 be accompanied by a parent (the downstairs history and art exhibitions are easily accessible for younger viewers).