Gallery 1870 to Host Eric Christensen

October 7, 2016
Location: 6525 Washington St., V Marketplace, CA
Phone: 7079442451
Time: 2:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Price: Free

Gallery 1870 will be hosting a homecoming show for the renowned watercolor master Eric Christensen.  Christensen is no stranger to the Napa Valley and his home gallery, Gallery 1870.  Christensen, is acknowledged as one of the top wine artists in the country.  He achieves hyperrealistic watercolor paintings through a self-taught dry brush technique in which he meticulously layers his paints layer upon subsequent layer.  Eric Christensen is the only known artist capable of hyperrealism through the use of standard watercolor.  His pursuit of perfection is revealed in the reflective glass that begs to be enveloped by the viewer's hand.  Come meet the artist and see his new original watercolors and new limited edition releases.