Cheese from Switzerland Hosted by The Cheese Board Collective

April 30, 2017
Location: 8440 St. Helena Hwy., St. Supery Estate Vineyards & Winery, CA
Phone: (707) 302-3448
Time: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Price: $55 per person

What, exactly, is "Swiss Cheese" and how is it different from those slices at the grocery store? Known as "the original grass fed cheese," come taste your way through a range of cheeses from Switzerland while exploring the rich history behind them. From well-known Gruyere, to hyper-local mountain cheeses, you will learn about transhumance, Emmenthaler eyes, fondue and even a cheese cartel. This class will deepen your appreciation and understanding of this very special family of cheese.

The Cheese Board Collective is a worker owned pizzeria, bakery and cheese shop in Berkeley, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. With 300+ cheeses to offer, we at The Cheese Board firmly believe that there is a cheese for everyone. We look forward to seeing you! Read more about The Cheese Board: