Napa Valley Chauffeur's Summer Special is being offered to customers who mention this ad and applies from 6/01/17 through 9/01/17 - MONDAYS - THURSDAYS only.  Time begins at pick-up location, includes six hours of chauffeur service ONLY.  Time over six hours will be charged at NVC's prevailaing hourly rate(s).  A deposit is required for bookings, winery selection must be approved by NVC based on geographic's; final booking date , SEPT 01, 2017.  Chauffeur Service/Fleet Offers all inclusive: Mercedes S550 Luxury Sedan (up to 3 passengers) $530.00 Cadillac SRX 4 SUV. (up to 4 passengers) $450.00 Cadillac Escalade or Expedition Full size SUV (up to 7 passengers) $530.00 Executive Van (up to 11 passengers) $600.00