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Visit Napa Valley

Restaurant Week Lunch at Cafe Sarafornia

Café Sarafornia is one of the last diners left in the Napa Valley and is a well-known local destination for good food at a good value.

Offering breakfast all day, and featuring not only classic diner fare (Corned Beef Hash, Steak and Eggs, Chicken Fried Steak, 2+2+2) but their own take on breakfast and lunch with local Napa Valley flair (Brannan Benedict, Wildcat Scrambler, Palisades Omelet, Jalisco Wrap, and a Bombay Chicken Sandwich).

Café Sarafornia is a great place get something to "soak up those tannins" before going wine tasting at one of the many world-class tasting rooms within walking distance in downtown Calistoga.

Join Cafe Sarafornia during Restaurant Week for a deliciously prepared two-course lunch for $20.