Visit Napa Valley
Visit Napa Valley

Restaurant Week at Gran Electrica

During Restaurant Week, Gran Electrica, located in the city of Napa, is pleased to offer a three-course dinner for $38.
*Optional Wine Pairing for $22.

1. Tostada de Ceviche (cauliflower substitute for vegetarians)
*Chardonnay/Verdelho, Forlorn Hope, "Queen of the Sierra", 2016 (Calaveras, CA)

2. Mole Pipian de Pollo (chile relleno substitute for vegetarians)
*Tempranillo/Garnacha/Graciano, Thee and Thou, "Sueñas Conmigo", 2016 (Lodi, CA)

3. Flan Casero
*Madeira, Rare Wine Co., "Rainwater" (Portugal)