Obsessively Authentic Italian for Lunch

Ca'Momi Osteria welcome guests during Restaurant Week for a two-course lunch ($20/person). Ca'Momi Osteria is Downtown Napa's Obsessively Authentic Italian eatery featuring a bountiful menu that celebrates the purity of local and organic ingredients from small producers, melded expertly with hundreds, if not thousands years of Italian Culinary history. We practice ethical omnivorism by encouraging a, "nose to tail" standard using ethically sourced meats, poultry, dairy and eggs while seeking to educate our community about protecting a sustainable and conscientious future. Our wine and spirits offerings reflect these same values; acknowledging small craft distillers, the Napa Valley's most eco-conscious vintners, Italy's most esteemed wine growing families and the bitter sweet passions of our world home. Please note we are closed on Mondays.