Living River Tour

Experience the Napa River as a “Living River” Paddlers ride the flowing tides of the San Francisco Bay up through this restored, riparian corridor where the salt water and fresh water mix to create a rich wildlife experience both above and below the surface. Tours meander through tidal marshland past the restored Oxbow Preserve coming to land in the Oak Knoll Viticulture Area. Along your journey, you'll spot wild grape vines, the first hint to settlers that this would be a promising viticulture area. Shuttle service is provided. Tour includes: * Stand Up Paddleboard * Paddle * PFD * knowledgeable guide * Introductory lesson * Natural and human history discussions. Reservations are required. * Distance and duration: 4.3 miles, 2 hours. * Launch time: 10am, 11am, 12pm * Weekly tours, Saturday and Sunday or by appointment. * Level of difficulty: Easy Location: 100 Riverside Drive, Napa 94559 Cost: $99 per person, with shuttle - 2 person minimum Cost: Harvest celebration charcuterie & wine ADD $25 per person Living River Principles: Major objectives of the living river design include reconnecting the river to its historic flood plain, maintaining the natural slope and width of the river, allowing the river to meander as much as possible, retaining natural channel features like mud flats, shallows and sandbars, and supporting a continuous fish and riparian corridor along the river.