Harvest Season Culinary Immersion Journey

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Redeemable: Tuesday, Apr 9, 2019 - Wednesday, Jul 31, 2019

An exceptionally rare journey to Napa Valley during on the excitement of harvest. We have created a magical experience for you at venues known only to the well-connected local wine and culinary aficionados. Enjoy access to gastronomic and wine venues found only in cloistered kitchens, vineyards, wineries, and caves during the flurry of activity that marks the coming of great wines from the vines. Leave the crowds and clich├ęs behind for exceptionally rare private experiences discovering what the locals and insiders love about Harvest Season in Napa Valley. Delectable, seasonal food and wine produced by award-winning chefs and winemakers, served in the most stunning settings imaginable while the grapes hang heavy on the vines just waiting to be plucked. Indulge your senses in luxury experiences with insider only access to private homes, stunning wineries, kitchens and culinary temples.