Blues to Psychedelia at Markham Vineyards

Blues to Psychedelia by husband and wife artists Harold and Peggy Francis is on display until March 15, 2017 in the Markham Gallery. The exhibit is comprised of two distinct series of paintings, one series from each artist. It highlights the enduring influence of American Southern blues on contemporary music and the colorful abstraction of psychedelic art. The Southern Blues series by Peggy Francis is a celebration of the cultural contribution made to modern music by the bluesmen of her home state of Mississippi. Psychedelia is a series of acrylic paintings on cotton rag paper by Harold Francis, following on from his previous tool sculpture works based on the Lagniappe Tribe. As he paints, new patterns and internal galaxies emerge, drawing the viewer deeper and deeper into the world of psychedelia. See more information about Harold and Peggy Francis at