Hot Air Balloon and Napa Valley vineyard

Brand Guidelines

Design Elements


Around the Valley Illustrations

Another solution to add texture is a suite of illustrations inspired by the natural surroundings and signature elements of the Napa Valley. The hand-drawn illustrations have an etching like quality that mirrors many of the signature wine bottle labels at wineries across the valley.

These illustrations can be used for adding moments of fun or to add a layer of depth to design. They can also be pulled together to build visual landscapes that mimic the beauty and vibe of the Napa Valley.


Illustrations Usage

The illustrations should be used sparingly and with purpose:

  • Use 1–2 illustrations as a visual element to amplify or highlight a particular message.
  • For example – use a grapevine and/or a wine glass in a layout highlighting wineries.

The illustrations should not be used as clip art style layout:

  • Do not use in multiples to create a landscape scene.
  • Avoid using more than one color in a single design.
  • For example – do not use clouds, airplane, sun, and mountains all in one layout.

Brand Guidelines - Illustrations examples