Hot Air Balloon and Napa Valley vineyard

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In the Napa Valley, “a taste of the good life” isn’t just a saying. It’s a way of life. And while it’s true our wine region is famous for many wonderful reasons — world-class food and wine (kinda our thing), one-of-a-kind boutique accommodations (we have more than a few), an atmosphere that defines the meaning of laid-back luxury (oh yes we did) and a history as rich as our soil (yup, we have that too) — the good life in the Napa Valley isn’t simply about things. It’s about how you experience them over the course of your trip. Shared and savored amongst friends and loved ones, set against the incredible backdrop the valley provides and paired perfectly with the natural sense of discovery that comes at every turn. Add to this our warm and welcoming culture and what you have is more than just an incredible trip. What you have is a taste of the good life at its very best.