Tourism in St. Helena  

From luxurious accommodations and a downtown shopping district to Michelin Star meals and heralded wineries, travel experiences help fuel St. Helena’s economy.

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More About St.Helena

Despite losses due to COVID-19 business closures and community lockdowns, St. Helena is well-positioned for recovery. In 2020, visitors spent $846 million across Napa Valley supporting St. Helena’s hospitality businesses and injecting over $1.3 million in hotel tax revenue for St. Helena’s general fund.

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That revenue helps fund essential municipal services throughout St. Helena – which include public safety, infrastructure, development, local libraries, and more – that benefit all St. Helena residents. 

Visitor Spending- upd

Prior to the pandemic, tourism supported a quarter of St. Helena’s general fund. When the threat from coronavirus ends, travel will rebound and the economic impact of tourism in St. Helena will continue to trend upwards.

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Passionate People

Between the locals who grew up in the area and visitors who fell in love with St. Helena and wanted to stay, it takes all types to keep St. Helena's tourism industry running and thriving. 

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Beringer Vineyards in St. Helena

Main Street at dusk in St. Helena, Napa ValleyCIA Greystone in St Helena in the Fall