So you’ve been to Napa Valley numerous times and now you’re wondering what’s next. Not that breathtaking vistas and delicious food and wine could ever get boring, but you really want to explore and immerse yourself in what makes the Napa Valley so legendary. Below we’ve listed just a few of our favorite Napa Valley secrets, but we can’t give them all away just yet.

Geothermal springs and mud baths might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Napa Valley. But in the valley’s most northern city, Calistoga, this is their specialty (second to a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon). Their natural mineral hot springs and historic mud baths have been helping travelers relax for over a century. Explore their many hot springs mineral pools and mud bath treatments here.

di Rosa (in cover photo) offers visitors to the Napa Valley an opportunity to view a vast array of Northern California art. The property is situated on 217 scenic acres in the Carneros region of southern Napa Valley. It includes three separate galleries, a sculpture park, a 35-acre lake, and a wildlife preserve. Purchase tickets for tours, special exhibitions and special experiences here.

di Rosa Photo: Israel Valencia

Goose & Gander’s basement bar is a local’s favorite hangout. Located in St. Helena, the restaurant is known for the cozy atmosphere and its history as a late night gathering spot. Head to the basement to find their secret bar and enjoy specialty craft cocktails and delicious food.


Goose & Gander

TORC in downtown Napa features secret large format items that are served based on availability. This includes a 60 day Dry Aged Ribeye for 3 people, Lobster Thermidor and the Whole O’Liberty Organic Duck. Be sure to call in advance to reserve the meal.

Bruschetteria food truck at the Clif Family tasting room in St. Helena serves up seasonal goods from the Clif Family Farm and other local purveyors. Their specialty is obviously bruschetta, but they also feature rotisserie chicken, fresh salads and other fun sides. The menu is scrumptious and ever changing.


Food Truck Corral is a group of rotating food trucks that rotate daily in south Napa in the Century Center. Current rotating food trucks include: French Corner Napa, Mercadito, Taco’s Addiction, Nurnberger, Platanito Pupusas, and more. Check in with the trucks to see when they’ll be there.

Crusher Wine District in south Napa offers a fresh, more urban way to experience the wine country. Most Napa wineries are located in the small towns that dot the valley, but these wineries are centrally located and you could even walk between them. Be sure to visit Mi Sueno Winery, Crosby Roamann, Trintas Cellars and the Wine Foundry for an intimate and unique wine tasting experience.

Contimo Provisions serves up breakfast at the Miminashi to-go window Tuesday-Thursday from 7:45 am – 10:30 am. Items include buttermilk biscuits with bacon, ham and seasonal jam, sausage, or pimento cheese. You can also find them at the St. Helena Farmers’ Market on Fridays and the Napa Farmers’ Market on Saturday where they offer up hand made sausages, pate, pasta, sandwiches, and amazing cookies.

Contimo Breakfast Sandwich

Farmers’ Markets are the perfect place to sample the best of Napa Valley. Stop by the market in Napa, St. Helena and Calistoga to sample local goods like pastries, cured meats, honey, fresh local produce and much more.

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Cover photo credit: Israel Valencia courtesy di Rosa