Bored with your Instagram feed lately? We have a list of 6 amazing artists and visual creatives to follow on Instagram that will titillate your creative side and take you away on a visual journey to Napa Valley.

1. @BobMC: We may be biased here because Bob McClenahan is our official photographer, but his photographs don’t just show the Napa Valley’s natural beauty, they show the variety of personalities and wealth of culture in our valley. (More of his work is featured in the cover photo)

Going down #ournapa #visitnapavalley

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2. @emmakmorris, @mattmorrisfilms,: Creative power couple Emma Kruch Morris and Matt Morris feature food, short films, natural beauty shots and will give you the insider’s perspective to the perfect Napa Valley life. To top it off, Emma will give you a weekly dose of animal cuteness, too.

3. @Wineartlife: Penelope Moore is a painter based in Napa with wine and food as her primary subject matter. Her account is also inspired by wine, food, Napa Valley and features some of her work.

New! Hypnotic Harmony, oil on canvas, 36×36" – $3250 #wineart #artnapa #fineart #giveart #fire #wine #penelope #painting

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4. @napavalleybeeco: From artist to bee keeper, Rob Keller fuses the two worlds together on his account. Follow along as he saves bees, makes honey, and gives you a peek into the sustainable bee keeping and farming world.

#slipperyslopesunday ~ looking back on the days when we could open our hives and see what was going on inside. It's been at least a month or more that we've stopped doing open hive inspections here in NorCal. We can get most of the information we need from reading the monitoring trays, external activity, a good ol' hefting, and if we have to… a quick breath up into the screened bottom listening to their reaction. We're also double checking our entrances are reduced and that the backs of the hives are shimmed about an inch or so to help shed and rain off the front. Monitoring ants, making sure hive stands are stable, and a quick pollen smear in the records would round out what a Beeco hive inspection looks like this time of year. This #beekeeper's winter hive inspection #resistopening these are your bees @kateolen @tfl_culinarygarden

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5. @mikeykellystudio, @yolotlikids,: Mikey Kelly is a contemporary artist that draws large scale work that looks mechanically rendered but is in fact all done by hand. His wife, Nicole Kelly is a textile artist and also has a follow-worthy account.

6. @shipwrightandco: Shipwright & Co. Letterpress is run by two super talented Napa Valley ladies who illustrate and do beautiful letterpress work. The attention to detail on their prints is sure to impress.

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