Some travelers may not think of the Napa Valley as a winter destination, but we beg to differ. Winter is in the height of our Cabernet Season, which is when the region becomes a haven for cozy getaways, hearty fare, and of course, the world’s most spectacular wine. To top it off, the rains make the valley a vibrant green withs beds of lush yellow mustard scattered across the valley floor and in between the vines. Come warm up in the Napa Valley with a steamy spa treatment and a dip in our warm thermal pools in Calistoga, all while sipping delicious Cabernet and taking in breathtaking views.

Here are our five favorite winter moments, found only in the Napa Valley:

  1. Naked Vines

2. Mustard Between the Vines


Winter in Napa Valley. Some clouds, some fog, and a whole lot of mustard. #mustardseason #yountville #visitnapavalley #norcal

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3. Rainbows in the Rain

4. Warm Calistoga Mud Baths


Relaxing in a #mudbath #spatime #calistoga #cousins chilling into #2017 #visitnapavalley

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5. Hot Thermal Geyser Pools at Indian Springs Resort.


Cover photo credit: Bob McClenahan