Summer sunset in Napa Valley vineyard

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Napa Valley Rainy Day Plan

You just arrived in the Napa Valley to a forecast of rain, and you're concerned about your carefully planned itinerary of outdoor activities. Not to worry! Even with rainy weather in the forecast, it rarely rains the entire day and the green grass, rainbows, and crisp, fresh air will ensure your…

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The Best Scenic Drives of Napa Valley

Do you really know Napa Valley if you haven’t explored the back roads of Napa County? We’re all excited to get out after a lengthy shelter-in-place, so pack some snacks, grab a cooler, and hop in your car for a mini road trip adventure right here in your backyard. We’ve included some wineries and…

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Three-Day Wellness Itinerary

The food-and-wine-centric Napa Valley is always a welcome destination. If you’re fitness-focused or intent on not gaining a few pounds, it might be a little, um, problematic. No worries, healthy…

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