Summer sunset in Napa Valley vineyard

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Napa Valley Ale Trail

There's a saying in Napa Valley that “It takes a lot of great beer to make great wine.” So it's not uncommon to find winemakers in Napa Valley sharing a cold beer with friends or colleagues after a long day of work in the vineyards and wineries. Fortunately, the growing beer scene in Napa Valley…

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Best Spots for Cocktails in Napa Valley

Just because you came to Napa for wine doesn’t mean Napa Valley isn’t also serving up seriously good cocktails. Whether your vibe is posh, elegant, or Instagrammable, there’s a cocktail bar or lounge in Napa Valley that can deliver. From rummy tropical cups singing of banana and coconut to dark…

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Best Late-Night Eats & Drinks in Napa Valley

While it’s true that in wine country, days begin and wind down a little earlier, there are wine tasting and dining options that remain open just a bit longer than expected. Contrary to common conceptions, there are Napa Valley wineries which remain open after 5pm! Some even offer sunset tastings or…

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Best Places to Watch Sports

Just because you’re taking a fabulous vacation in Napa Valley wine country doesn’t mean you have to skip out on following your favorite teams while you’re away. In fact, while Napa Valley has hundreds of wine tasting rooms, it also has dozens of great sports bars and other venues that are perfect…

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Rooftop and Patio Bars in Napa Valley

Elevate your Napa Valley adventure at our rooftop and patio bars, where each sip is enhanced by breathtaking views! Enjoy a meticulously crafted cocktail in the cool, serene evenings after exploring wineries, or relish warm daytime moments between wine tastings. These cocktail bars offer delicious…

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